Motorized Vari-focal 4.5-148.5mm 33X Zoom lens ½.7’’ 2MP

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Product Name: Motorized zoom 4.5-148.5mm 33X Zoom Lens Support near-infrared Day & night F1.4-4.2 FHD 4MP CCTV zoom Lens and video Conference Camera Lens

Product Advantage:

1, 33X Optical Zoom for Video Conference Camera Lens Module

2, Large Vari-Focal range from short 4.5mm to 148.5mm  Telephoto Zoom Lens

3, 1080P FULL HD Video Resolution, 4MP Available too now

4, High Speed AF Auto Focus Zoom Lens

Product Specification

Technical specification of 33X zoom camera module 4.5-148.5mm vari-Focal

1A, Zoom Ratio: 33X Optical Zoom

1, Focal length: 4.5-148.5mm±5%  Zoom Lens Range 

2, Aperture F/No: 1.4(W)-4.2(T)  Wide Aperture Zoom Lens

3, Optical back focal length (OBFL): 13mm(Wide)-5mm(Tele)

4. Mechanical back focal length (MBFL): 1.7±0.2 (in air)

5. TTL: 89.78±0.1mm(in air)

6, Max image circle:∮6.6(1/2.7")(MAX∮6.9)

7, Lens structure: 13 groups,15elements

8, Mount type: not standard mount type

9, Clamp Force: 60-600gf-cm

10, FOV (D/H/V)1/2.7"

D 68.88°(W)-2.69°(T)

H 61.87°(W)-2.36°(T)

V 37.4°(W)-1.33°(T)

11, Optical Distortion sensor Type 4:3

0.3%(Wide)~1.1%(Tele)(No Distortion)

12, Relative illumination:∮6.9:52%(wide)~61%(tele)

13, CRA: 2.4°(Wide)~8.3°(Tele)

14, M.O,D.short focal:2m/Telephoto:30m-∞

15, MTF resolution    2688×1520 (4MP)

The inverse projection:(center:250 lp/mm 0.7Y:160 lp/mm )

16, Zoom operation: stepper motor (Zoom Lens Motor) driving

Focus operation: step motor,

Iris operation: Auto

17, HSF&safety: RoHS

18,  Weight: 120 gram

Technical datasheet of 33X Long Zoom Lens

Product Application

1,PTZ Camera

2, High Speed IP Security Camera

3, Video Conferencing Camera

4, CCTV Zoom Camera

5, Face recognition Camera

6, Video Surveillance camera

7, Forest Camera


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