5mp autofocus usb camera

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Novel autofocus USB camera design for Intelligent machines, special Koisk, VTM, CRS, ATM or other Intelligent machine, mini shell,  easy for install in all of models ATM, USB cable length optional, Provide driver for shooting and recording under MS Windows XP system, USB connector can be connected with PC directly, megapixel Sony CMOS chipset, metal casing, support long time non-stop working, available with wide angle board lens or lens  to get wide angle view.

2K 2592*1944@15FPS OV CMOS Sensor Autofocus USB Camera AF Lens mini size 15*15mm

15mmx15mm 5Megapixel Auto Focus Webcam OV Camera Module UVC with Digital Microphone for Windows Android Linux Mac OS

Product advantage

5MP 1080P autofocus USB camera module

Synchronization technology

USB2.0/Mini USB / Type-C interface available

Max video output 2592*1944-MJPEG-15FPS

Fast and autofocus function to extend more commercial application easily

Smallest Size 15*15mm for embedded vision system application

UVC compliance for use in OS Windows, Linux, Android, Mac O/S

Product Name

5MP Mini Autofocus USB Camera 15*15mm

Cmos Sensor

Omnivision OV Image Sensor ¼ inch

Sensor pixel size

1.4 µm x 1.4 µm

image area:

3673.6 µm x 2738.4 µm

Maximum effective pixels

2592(H)*1944(V) 15FPS/1920 (H) *1080 (V) 30FPS

Video Resolution

2592*1944-MJPEG-15FPS ( 5MP)

Lens Angle of viewing

DFOV 78.2degree, HFOV 66.2 degree VFOV 52.1

Photo Pixel


Photo Format


video output


Lens Focal Length EFL


Lens TV Distortion

Less than 1%

F/No Aperture


Support OTG protocol


Minimum illumination


S/N Ratio


Dynamic range


Adjustable parameters

brightness contrast color saturation hue resolution

The gamma exposure contrast gain white balance backlighting

Type of Shutter

Electronic rolling Frame shutter/ exposure


Auto support

Working temperature



DC5V, USB BUS 4P-2.0mm POWER socket

Working currency


Audio Microphone


System Sync

inner Sync

Power consumption


Product Size

L15*W15*H13mm, Net weight: 50gram

Signal Type & Interface

USB 2.0 interface, digital Signal(customize Type-C)

Length of Cable

1.2Meter ( 2m/0.5m/other length available custom made)

Support Operating System

WIN10/WIN7/WIN8/WinXP/Linux/Android 4.0+ version /Apple MAC-OS X 10.4.8 or later

Video Frame rate

2592*1944-MJPEG-15FPS YUY2-2FPS

2048*1536-MJPEG-15FPS YUY2-3FPS

1920*1080-MJPEG-30FPS YUY2-5FPS

1280*720- MJPEG-30FPS YUY2-10FPS

950*540- MJPEG-30FPS YUY2-

640*480- MJPEG-30FPS YUY2-30FPS

320*240- MJPEG-30FPS YUY2-

320*180- MJPEG-30FPS YUY2-30FPS

Product Application

Laptop, PC computer Kiosk, Smart TV, Mobile Terminal

RFQ of Autofocus USB Camera

(1)What is an autofocus camera?

Autofocus (AF) is the system that automatically adjusts camera focus. Cameras typically have a two-stage shutter-release button: a first stage in which the shutter-release button is lightly pressed halfway, and a second in which the shutter-release button is pressed the rest of the way down.

(2)Is autofocus important for Webcam?

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Autofocus. Autofocus works by automatically focusing the subject while it moves around. Although this can be an invaluable feature, it can also slow things up while the camera takes time to focus. Some webcams allow this feature to be turned off.

(3) How does an autofocus work?

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A computer inside the camera evaluates the signal from the autofocus sensor and commands the lens to adjust the focusing elements inside the lens until the two images appear identical. Once the two images match, the image is in focus. Early sensors just evaluated vertical details in the image.

(4)Is autofocus in the lens or camera?

Autofocus Systems

In modern cameras, components and software that support AF are found in both the lens and the camera body. In some cameras that are still based on legacy AF systems, these components may be inferior, even significantly inferior, to modern fully electronic AF systems.

(5) Which software your usb camera module support?

Blue Iris, ContaCam, Yawcam, Ispy, Motion Eye OS,AMCAP Wecam Viewer, IP Camera Viewer, ZoneMinder,V4L2 video for Linux, Camerafi, VLC Player

(6) Does the camera module can work with Windows/Android/Linux system?

Usually the camera can work with Windows system with free driver, it is a play and plug camera module, it can also work with some Andorid and Linux system with standard UVC protocol, it need to be tested whether work with Android and Linux system.

Custom Made USB Cameras

Currently we can provide more than 10 models USB Camera for various commercial / industrial applications, our camera with DIY interchangeable Lens design.We also welcome any unique requests. R&D, Molding, development, prototyping, and mass production are offered at reasonable prices and in-time Fast Delivery. Our team work closely with each customer to assure satisfaction from start to finish. Customization options include, but are not limited to:

Specific image Cmos sensor requirements, WDR, panoramic or Wide Angle, expected Product Dimension, Dual lens, low-light low lux capturing, Lens MTF Resolution(1.3/2/3/4/5/6/8/10/12MP), Auto Focus USB Module, infrared IR solutions, high or low temperature rated, Waterproof, weatherproof, different angles of view, wire harness, cable assembly, desired power voltage, resolutions, frame rate, various USB port, etc. welcome to send us your technical drawing/diagram or share any new idea with us together for evaluation

P.S. We supply Sony CCD Camera and Andriod OTG Camera for mobile Phone too