For medical endoscope


We have developed and produced more than a dozen modules for a variety of different medical endoscope cameras,

1. Gastroenteroscopy
2. Bronchoscope
3. Nephroscope
4. Urethroscope
5. Metroscope
6. Ear, nose and throat scope


We use OVM6948, OVM6946, OCHTA10, OCHFA10, OV9734, OV2740 and other sensors to make the camera module, the head end size is small, the minimum head diameter is 0.9mm, The minimum diameter of the head with LED light and steel tube is 1.2mm and can be used for different medical or industrial endoscopic camera projects.

We have the relevant research and development and customized production capacity, can provide you with a complete set of endoscope camera + display system.

You can view it in our product list or download our product catalog from the Download page.