Why Must Have GPS Commercial Fleet Camera Systems?

Date:2022-03-29    View:398    

Why should you equip your fleet with dash cams? You can’t afford not to.

1,Protect Your Fleet with Irrefutable Evidence in an Accident or Fraud Attempt

Commercial vehicles are intentionally targeted by fraudsters looking for a quick payout. Video evidence provided to insurance companies is invaluable in determining fault.

2. Make Data-Driven Decisions to Save Your Company Money

Video recording paired with a Fleet Management System (FMS) allows decision makers to review comprehensive reports on routes, speed, and driver behavior. Could a route be more efficient, resulting in lower fuel costs? Is a driver’s erratic driving putting your company at risk? Has a driver’s idle time increased this month? A complete dashcam solution with FMS objectively answers these questions for you. Confidently make data-backed improvements for your company, increasing the bottom line.

3.Holding Drivers Accountable Leads to Improved Behavior

Are your drivers keeping to their routes, or are they increasing your fuel bills by using a fleet vehicle for personal errands? A dashcam with GPS position and speed logging will let you know exactly where your vehicles have been throughout the day.

Employees are much less likely to violate company regulations by speeding, texting while driving, driving under the influence, driving drowsy, driving aggressively, or road rage if the vehicle is armed with a dashcam. It’s like the boss is riding along on every trip.

4,Monitor Trucks and Cargo with 24/7 Surveillance

Dash Cams can continuously keep watch over the vehicle, tools, and cargo just like a security or surveillance camera. A visible camera lens or a blinking light may lead to a decrease in attempted theft or vandalism. Should your vehicle be vandalized or your cargo damaged or stolen while the vehicle is unattended, your dashcam’s video footage will be vital evidence to submit to your insurance provider to cover equipment loss costs or damage/repair bills.

5,Real-Time Hands-Free Communication

Small business owners can monitor their delivery or fleet vehicles on a map in real-time and communicate with drivers directly with the integrated two-way communication function. Ask drivers for their ETA and have quick, hands-free conversations with your driver without distracting phone calls or text messages.

Why do commercial vehicles need dashcams in them at all times?

Just a few example benefits are listed below:

1,Fleet management: gain real-time awareness of your vehicle locations throughout the day

2, Accidents: have video evidence to document unfortunate events that may take place while your drivers are on the road

3, Training: dashcam video can be useful for educating drivers and safety managers on a variety issues beyond just the drive to and from the warehouse or depot

4, Accountability: drivers instantly feel more responsible for their actions when they know a video camera is running in the vehicle, whether there is a camera pointed directly at them or not

5, Complaint Resolution: verify or dispute the accuracy of complaints made against a company driver

6, Efficiency: constant GPS logging means a decrease in fuel costs as drivers will no longer deviate from direct routes or use company vehicles for personal errands

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