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  • supply zoom camera moduleDate:2020-03-23

    Dear customers, 

    novel manufacture limited supply top quality various zoom focal length range zoom camera module for cctv camera, IP camera, ITS camera, face recognition camera, smart home camera,forest security camera and video conference camera etc 

    please view our product here 

    8-32mm 4X zoom lens module   http://www.okgoobuy.com/zoom-module.html 

    4.5-148.5mm 33X zoom camera module   http://www.okgoobuy.com/33X-zoom-camera-module.html 

     in addition, we also have 3.6-11mm 1/1.8'' 8MP, 

     2.7-13.5mm 5X zoom module 1/1.7'', 

     3.6-11mm F1.2 starlight F1.2 4MP/8MP zoom lens, 

    2.8-13.5mm 1/2.5'' F1.3 5MP zoom camera module

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    we are waiting for you

    thank you

    Novel manufacture limited

    March 23, 2020